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My site has a lot of pages. This is a mostly complete guide to all of them, in narrative form. (Blog posts are here.)

In January 2023 I attended an Offers and Needs market. I think if we all communicated better about what we need, and what we can offer, the world would be a much better place. So I created an offers page and a needs page.

I update them weekly-ish, along with my now page, and my list of current quests.

Similar to the ‘offers’ page but more targeted is this pro bono services page.

One set of pages I won’t link to here is the customized “thank you” pages I make for when people do nice stuff like sign up for my weekly work in progress newsletter or my monthly-ish making sense of the weird present newsletter. (To see the thank-you pages, you’ll have to sign up!)

I wrote a book, and I’m chronicling my efforts to get people to buy it on this page. The book’s on Amazon, but I’m curious about the option to sell the next one elsewhere, so I started a list of authors who don’t sell on Amazon.

I wrote another book before that one. Full list of books here.

One book marketing tactic I’m experimenting with is guest blogging. For each publication I work with, I create a landing page. Here’s one example.

A future book will be about outreach, and this page is its future home. I’m also collecting outreach scripts.

I’d like to rely on word of mouth marketing for my books and services, so I’m collecting notes on that topic here. Also when you’re self publishing, you have to list an imprint in order to buy ISBNs for your book. I called mine Ecru Press after my dumb dog, and gave it a page to make it official.

I host a weekly coworking session, which of course has its own page.

(I used to host more events, and I had a separate ‘clubs’ page. Then I decided that sounded too elitist, so I renamed it to ‘meetups’. But now if you click either of those links they just redirect to the first link in this paragraph.)

Some pages, like the “authors who don’t use Amazon” one, are just lists I keep for reference. There are several of these. Like a list of disastrous website redesigns, a list of groundbreaking commercial innovations, a list of good businesses, a list of rejected technologies, a list of tools I use, a list of my affiliate links, and a list of places you can find me on the internet.

There’s also a list of topics I like to talk about. And a (partial) list of times I’ve fucked up.

Some of the pages on my site are extremely fancy pages that run code. Like my niche generator page, or a page I built that gives you a random icebreaker. (These are among the entries on my page of generators.)

I’ve got a page for all the stuff I offer for free - mostly courses. (There’s also a free guide to session recordings, and a free audit offer.)

Then there are sales pages for services I provide. Like my Google Analytics 4 page, or my digital gardening as a service page. What else? Coaching. Website audits. I’ve also got a support page.

You can read my sales page template, too. And see a list of audits.

Speaking of work, I have a work page, an education page, and a page that lists every job I’ve ever had. And a page of all the websites I manage. And some website swipe files.

(If you’re clicking on the work links, maybe you’re trying to decide if I’m competent and trustworthy. I made a page of testimonials that hopefully helps build that case.)

I don’t always sell services—sometimes I just introduce potential clients to smart and helpful people. There’s a partial list of those smart and helpful people here.

I’ve got a page that lists guest appearances I’ve made on other folks’ podcasts and YouTube channels, and I usually make a dedicated page to share with their audience (e.g. my FreelanceU page or my Deliberate Freelancer page).

Speaking of guest appearances, I also have a media page.

I quit social media and made a page about that. Then I missed posting, so I made a page for takes. I also made a page that lists my beefs with Google.

Some other pages that were born in the aftermath of leaving social media: a “let’s be friends” link to share with fellow conversion optimization folks, a signup page for my paper-and-snail-mail newsletter.

Want to send me a message? Visit my contact page. (Want to send it encrypted? Here’s my public key.)

There’s some personal stuff here, like a page about my pets. Some fiction I’ve written. A collection of quotes I like and visions for the future. A list of all the places I’ve ever lived. Weird art that inspires me, and work that inspires me.

I typed all these words myself, and even have a page about that.

That’s it! Thanks for reading.

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