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What's your maximum conversion rate?

If you accept that you have three kinds of visitors - those who will never convert, those who will definitely convert, and those who will maybe convert, this one’s easy.

Your maximum conversion rate is just the percentage of visitors in the second group plus the percentage of visitors in the third group:

Max CVR = % of “definitely convert” visitors + % of “maybe convert” visitors

It might look like this:

Stacked bar chart of visitors, large proportion winnable

The red block’s unwinnable. The green’s already converting. And in a perfect world, your perfect website would convert all of the yellow block, too.

Looks like the maximum is about 26%.

And even if you redesigned your site to use Geo for Bootstrap, you’d still convert the green block - so your minimum conversion rate is about 8%.

Super cool, right?

Except, you still don’t know what these numbers are for your site.

Not to mention … your visitor distribution might look like the chart above. But it might also look like this:

Stacked bar chart of visitor percentages, not many winnable

Same maximum, but very few “maybes.”

If these were your visitors, would you bother optimizing? Your efforts would be better spent delighting those unflappable green converters and driving more traffic to the site.

So are you totally spinning your wheels with CRO, or should you invest twice as much?

It all depends on the sizes of the red, yellow, and green blocks. Tomorrow we’ll look at ways to measure them.

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