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Some visitors might convert ... or might not

Now that we’ve talked about visitors who convert no matter what, and visitors who definitely will not convert, let’s look at who’s left.

These are the visitors you can impact with your Conversion Rate Optimization efforts.

They’re not bots, or competitors doing research.

They have sufficient budget, and they need (or at least want) what you’re offering.

At the same time, they’re not loyal customers yet. They didn’t make up their minds to purchase before they landed on the site.

So what can you do to sway them?

Clarifying your offer, and its benefits, is one of the strongest levers you can pull. Plenty of these visitors will run out of patience trying to extract meaning from your copy, so be sure it’s scannable, simple, and persuasive.

Some of these visitors will be interested but unmotivated. Creating a sense of urgency or scarcity around your offering might just trigger them to get off their lazy asses and click.

Going beyond that, some will be unfamiliar with your brand and unsure if they want to do business with you. Reassuring them with testimonials, reviews, or case studies can tip them over the edge.

A consistent and tasteful design can also provide this reassurance - who wants to do business with a company that hasn’t updated its website since 2004?

Removing usability hurdles is another way to win more of this vacillating crowd. Some will definitely give up if your forms are overlong, buttons hard to find, or stuff is just broken on your site.

More interesting than these tactics, though, is identifying how many of these on-the-fence visitors you have in the first place. After all, the size of this group will determine the potential impact of your CRO program. So how can we do that?

Have a lovely weekend, get some sunshine, and we’ll tackle it next week.

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