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I will help you make 3 meaningful improvements to your website (for free)

In this hybrid email course, we’ll sort out your website goals and identify 3 meaningful improvements you can make.

    What’s “meaningful”? What’s an “improvement”?

    Good question. I just mean “a change that makes things better in a way that matters.”

    But what’s “better” and what “matters”?

    Ultimately, I’ll let you be the judge, but here are a few guidelines you might follow:


    The details depend on what kind of site you have, and what kind of goals and challenges you’re facing. Join the course and we’ll sort it out!

    Why is this free?

    I’ve written a book on this topic, and I want to sell more copies, because books are the only thing I sell. So if I’m able to help you, I’ll gently invite you to buy a copy—or, if you’re extremely pleased, maybe buy two copies and give one to a friend.

    Once at least 1,000 people have bought my book and found it useful, I hope it will keep reaching new readers through word of mouth. But for now, I have to work to make those sales happen. This is me doing the work!

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