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I just sell books

Let’s do a roundup of my successes as an oNLiNe crEatOr for the past few years.

Courses: I’ve made $456 from 7 courses, which I marketed on social media and via online events. Current MRR: $0

Books: I’ve made $3,242 from 2 books, which I’ve scarcely marketed at all. Current MRR: breaking even on Amazon Ads, which I’ve set & will forget until I hit 1,000 copies sold.

In looking back at all the time I’ve spent trying to earn a living from what’s in my brain (but not as a consultant), I notice a few striking facts:

BEsT PracTIceS for oNLiNe crEatOrs

A standard business model as an oNLiNe crEatOr is to have a “ladder” of products. The free stuff on social media, maybe a book, a paid course that costs a bit more, a deluxe course that costs more than that, some sort of elite coaching or consulting service that’s the most expensive of all.

Most of the work that goes into running a business like that sounds terrible to me. So I had this wild idea: What if I just sold books?

For one, I’d make all my existing courses free, forever, and make sure that they encourage people to buy my books.

I might make more courses in the future—if I decide making a course will get people to buy one of my books. But I wouldn’t charge for the courses—unless I somehow conclude that charging for the course will lead to more book sales.

Same goes for online events, or even communities—anything goes, if it helps with book sales.

But mostly I’d just focus on writing books and finding readers. Over time, I’d arrive at a point where I know which efforts lead to book sales and which ones don’t, and I’d just do the stuff that works.

I’d probably be leaving money on the table, which is just fine. Because in exchange for that I’d get a massively simplified business model, fewer decisions to make, and a single, unambiguous success metric.

So for 2024, I’ve decided I’ll just sell books. If you’re reading this, and you haven’t bought any of my books, please consider doing so:


And if you have bought a book or two—thanks so very much. I won’t be asking you to part with any more money anytime soon. But if there’s anything I can do for you, feel free to ask.

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