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Your first three clients

I want to help you find your first three clients. Why?

Because I’m working on a book titled Your First Three Clients, which will help people find their first three clients. But I can’t in good faith write and sell the book unless I know it works.

So my plan is to coach at least a dozen humans through what I hope is a low stress, repeatable method of client-getting. Find the gaps between what I think makes sense and what actually makes sense. You get clients, your clients get you, I get a better book, win win win.

What I’m offering

How it works

If that sounds like something you might be into, just send me a message (or hit reply on any email I’ve ever sent you) and say something like “Hey let’s see if you can help me find some clients.”

What’s it cost?

Once my book comes out, I ask that you buy one copy for every client you’ve found. (It will be $19 paperback, $9.99 on Kindle.)

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