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What I'm working on (May 2021)

Here’s a quick rundown of all the spinning plates.

Work stuff

I wrote a book!

Niche List 2021 is available for purchase as of 5/24/21. Next I’ll move on to promoting it. Currently practicing to become a fun podcast guest.

I’m writing a book!

Niche Experiments is a WIP. With its companion piece ☝️ complete, I’ll be working daily on this one, and actively recruiting beta readers.

I’m sitting on a course

Right now my Sell and Deliver CRO course is mostly a flex I bust out when chatting with potential agency partners. I’m hoping by the end of the year to sell a few more copies and leverage at least one into a paid consulting gig.

I’m making another course

After an energetic start, JavaScript for Marketers stalled out for a bit as I focused on shipping other projects. But I’ll continue to add content to it, just a bit more each week, until I feel like it deserves more aggressive promotion.

I started another couple podcasts 😅

SaaS Experiments now has a sister podcast called Ecomm Experiments. I also started a brief YouTube series called Amazon Frown, about the pitfalls of selling on Amazon.

I’m hoping by EOY these series will turn into interesting conversation with ecomm website owners, some of which will turn into deals with my beloved agency partners at Great Big Digital 🤞

I’m doing consulting and CRO audits

I’ve got 1-2 concurrent retainer projects going, ditto for audits. I also just got paid for a Hot Takes 🔥 video for the first time!

Non-work stuff

Community garden

I’m trying to learn more about growing food while making friends & helping feed folks here in town, by volunteering with Twelve Stones Community Garden.

May be an image of one or more people, people standing, outdoors and tree

We’ve also got chickens, but so far it’s just been me watching my wife take excellent care of them.

Mentorships & apprenticeships

I quote-unquote mentor a group of programmers over at Underdog Devs. Mostly feels like me showing up to watch people succeed, which is fine. We might build a website for the community garden.

I’m also piloting an apprenticeship program, where I’ll work with underrepresented marketers to level up their portfolios & analytics chops, ideally while making a bit of cash together. Or working to benefit a good cause 👇

Friends & partnerships

I’ve met some of the Enspiral folks, including the founder of the Tolaga Bay Inn, who’s teaching Māori people how to start online businesses. Probably an opportunity to teach some Google Analytics lessons, maybe more.

How it all fits together (?)

I hope all the above boils down to better opportunities for underrepresented developers and marketers.

The books should help those who take a freelancing path. The training and projects should help everyone, including those looking for full time roles. And everything I’m doing helps me expand my network, so I can recommend talented folks when I happen to hear about a job or gig.

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