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Weird art

We need more weird art.

If you disagree, I’d love to talk - to me this is a completely obvious and uncontroversial truth.

I don’t have a rigorous definition for this term - it’s a broad category.

Weird art sometimes takes the form of unnecessary flourishes on functional creations.

Whether you’re building a church: sagrada familia church

… or some apartments: buildings by freedy mamani silvestre

… or just tricking out your tuk tuk: photo of tuk tuk with flowers

My wife makes weird art: opossum bank

Weird art can be performative. Like sculpting topiaries: pearl fryar with topiaries

… or screaming at a river: bae il dong

… or entering a duck in a marathon: duck at marathon finish line

The important thing about weird art is not its beauty, or originality, or value on the market.

What matters is the joy of expression that comes with creating it. (Bonus points if other people like it too.)

So when I say “we need more weird art” I don’t mean we should build Weird Art Factories and optimize production.

I mean that everyone needs to make weird art - including you.

If you have made or are working on some weird art, I’d love to hear about it - just reach out.

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