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Here are some visions I have for the future. If any of this sounds good to you, please do get in touch so we can work together on it.

Everyone on earth has enough to eat, every day. Food is delicious and healthy and mostly comes from nearby. Every region on the planet has a unique agricultural practice, based on its unique climate, geography, topography, and culture. We produce food abundantly enough that when someone, somewhere has a bad harvest or loses food in a disaster, we can easily send help—and we do. We achieve all this without polluting the air or water—in fact, food production increases biodiversity and improves soil health, air and water purity, and health outcomes for everyone.

Everyone on earth has access to a terminal, and a VPS, and DNS. If they want, they can publish a personal website—as simple or as fancy as they like. They can also run an email server and/or a chat server. If you want, using the internet can consist of visiting your friends’ pages, reading about what they’re up to, sending them messages. We support this infrastructure collectively because it’s too important to let it rely on fickle things like advertising budgets and the whims of political or corporate leadership.

Everyone on earth has plenty of free time to make weird art.

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