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VIP treatment for leads

This post was originally sent out as an email to my now-defunct mailing list. You can read all such posts here, if you like.

Your website content is probably geared toward new visitors.

That’s as it should be; if your product doesn’t come off as valuable and trustworthy in the first few seconds, visitors won’t stay. Much less come back, or sign up, or pay you money, or live their best lives as power users on an annual plan.

There’s one group of returning visitors who are valuable enough to merit special treatment, though: leads. Whether they’re on a free trial / tier, or they’ve signed up for one of your fabulous webinars or PDFs.

These folks are right on the verge of giving you money. And customizing your site to encourage that decision … isn’t too complicated. Here’s how.

Find out where leads go

Let your analytics tell you which pages your leads actually visit. Here’s what I suspect you’ll see:

Whatever you see, keep in mind that you’re not about to embark on a sitewide personalization program. Focus on the top page, and the most prominent elements on that page.

Just a nudge

Once you’ve chosen a page, look at the heading copy, background image, and CTAs. Are they all relevant to leads? Or are you still offering your free trial users … a free trial?

If you’ve identified some real estate that could be put to better use, look for opportunities to do the following:

• Remove friction - Change that ‘Free Trial’ CTA to ‘My Dashboard’ to help them get back to using the app

• Educate - Make sure leads are able to access the docs that will help them succeed. They need that more than they need to hear your value proposition again

• Nudge toward activation - Remind, encourage, or even challenge leads to take the next step toward doing something useful with your app

If this all sounds interesting, but you need some more detail, check out this post I wrote for the FunnelEnvy blog. It’s even got a short video with some examples.

If you’re stuck on how to pull this off, I’ll have some resources for that on Friday. LMK if I can help with anything.

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