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Tips on how to use Amazon A+ Content

You’ve got very little control over your Amazon book’s product page, so most of your effort should go into:

But Amazon does let you add what they call A+ Content to the page. You’ve got a lot of options for what to put there, but what’s the best use of this space from a book shopper’s point of view?

It’s impossible to know without the ability to A/B test your page—and you do not have that ability. But based on UX best practices, behavioral psychology principles, and an assessment of some top selling books on the site, here are my recommendations.

  1. Use multiple colorful images—you’re aiming for a thumbstop
  2. Make sure your text is high contrast and easy to read, even on mobile
  3. Re-sell your book, or simply remind the shopper what your book contains and how it helps them

Successful A+ Content will cause people to stop scrolling, read, and scroll back up to the Buy button. So the question to ask is: If someone’s not convinced by the cover, title, and subtitle, what else do they need to hear before they make a decision?

That’s what your A+ Content should address.

As a final note, there are multiple best sellers that don’t make use of the “From the Publisher” section at all.

But given all the junk Amazon adds to clutter up your page, using this section to your benefit will help reduce the prominence of “Customer also bought …” and other exits from the page.

If you’ve got a book on Amazon and want to chat about this stuff, please reach out.

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