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Should you invest in site speed optimization?

Yes! If …

  1. Your site’s pretty slow
  2. You can make it a lot faster
  3. The improvements you’re making are pretty cheap

Forgive the hand-wavey imprecision of those guidelines 🙏. I don’t think we can come to a universal definition of “fast enough” versus “pretty slow.”

We can make some assertions, though. Like:

As for “pretty cheap” - the improvements should take no more than a week for the first round, and then a day or two a quarter afterward.

For most marketing sites, all this advice boils down to “install a speed optimization plugin, compress images, and move on with life.”

In the absence of overwhelming evidence that page speed directly impacts revenue, it doesn’t make sense to sweat every millisecond. Stay ahead of the slowest camper and focus on making your site usable, and your messaging clear.

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