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Quest: Create a guide to regenerative agriculture opportunities

Suppose you’ve decided that the future will need a lot more people growing food, and that this is Good, Actually.

It means less reliance on complex supply chains and fossil fuels for transportation, less packaging, more people in your area working outdoors. It also gives you a chance to enjoy a variety of delicious locally-produced foods while supporting businesses you feel good about.

Cool, I agree. What should you do about it?

Grow tomatoes in containers? Volunteer at a local community garden? Buy a farm, or work on one? Start a nursery? Take a permaculture design course, or become an instructor? Lobby your local government to install edible landscapes? Start a compost co-op? Open a farm-to-table cafe?

What does the industry need? What’s already working elsewhere that you could clone into your local community? What models are struggling, and what help do they need—more labor, better legislation, a bigger market, what?

IDK either! I am on a quest to find out.

The culmination of this quest will be an exhaustive-as-possible map of the different businesses, government agencies, organizations, and DIY projects that contribute to increasing regenerative agriculture at the local level.

If I get fancy, I will make it searchable and filterable so you can easily find a fit for your budget, skill level, location, and interests.

To do this, I need to talk to people in the space. So if you want to help, you can help me find them.

Do you know an organic farmer, edible landscape designer, locavore restaurateur? Please get in touch and point me in their direction.

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