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Picking fictional character names when you are a chronic overthinker

I’ve been writing a story over in Snowflake Fiction Pomodoros, and after working with placeholder names for a while I decided it was time to commit. No more dialogue like

“… and when was the last time you talked to $SupportingCharacter?

Except … I hated every name I picked. They all sounded so … fictional.

Fortunately I found a way to take the mental labor out of this task and make it fun. You will love it.

Just visit this link: https://tiffzhang.com/startup/

Each time you click it, you’ll get a different, absurd, randomly-generated startup landing page.

Each page contains an “Our Team” section with names and profile photos.

startup generator screenshot

Just browse random made-up startups until you see a name that works for your nameless character.

It’s quick, fun, and will save you from second guessing yourself.

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