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Here are ways I can help. (See also Needs.)

Courses (free)

Visit briandavidhall.com/free for a list of courses you can take for $0.

Conversations (free)

I’m happy to meet and chat about lots of topics. Just get in touch.

Seeds (free)

I’m growing goosefoot (a lost crop, or weed, depending on whom you ask). Once I have seeds to share, I’d love to send you some.

Linux lessons (free)

I’m in the middle of migrating from OSX to Ubuntu Linux. If you’re doing the same, or if you’re interested in doing the same, and you need technical help or moral support, I’m happy to provide that. Get in touch and we can figure out logistics.

Website audit (trade / donation)

See here for more info.

Marketing services (free for anyone working in local food production)

See here for more info.

This page was inspired by attending an Offers and Needs Market. If you think that sounds interesting, you should try one!

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