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Here’s some stuff I could use help with. No pressure. (See also Offers.)

Book reviews on amazon dot com

Getting more reviews for my first book, Your Website Sucks is a top priority for me, as I seek to find out if there’s any chance of making nontrivial income from it. If you feel so moved to buy a copy and leave an honest review, I’ll be forever grateful.

Chats about criticism

I’m working on a website and a book or two on the topic, and I want to talk to anyone who’s struggled with criticism, or fear of criticism. Get in touch and let’s set up a time to talk. Your story might wind up in a book! (Only with your consent.)

Chats with people working in regenerative agriculture

More info here: Quest: Create a guide to regenerative agriculture opportunities.

Answers to / opinions on open questions

Here’s a list of stuff I’m trying to figure out. If you can help me figure it out, please do.

Needs that have been met :)

Security advice

Update: A kind soul reached out and let me talk out my goals, offered some suggestions and reading recommendations, and after two brief exchanges I settled on a compromise that lets me stop paying for GSuite, do almost everything locally, and strategically outsource the two functions (email and web hosting) that would involve the most effort and risk. Thanks AA!

I’m slowly but surely migrating off Google Suite, and that means handling more of my own data. At some point I’ll migrate my GitHub Pages-hosted websites to a VPS. How do I go about this without exposing my data to clever haxxorz?

If you know about this stuff and are patient enough to answer some dumb questions, I’m sure it’d be of great use to me.

Alpha / beta readers for my book about criticism (or the next one)

Update: I’ve got plenty of folks on the list! Now I just need to revise my first draft.

There’s no telling exactly what phase the book will be in as you read this, but I’ve almost always got something in need of feedback. Just get in touch and let me know you’re available to help.

This page was inspired by attending an Offers and Needs Market. If you think that sounds interesting, you should try one!

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