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Tonight is a full moon. (Also the buck moon, also a supermoon.)

Starting tomorrow, and continuing until the new moon on July 17th, I will complete one project every day, and share my progress as I go.

Why do this?

So many reasons!

For starters, I’ve got a bunch of semi-completed projects that have been languishing for weeks. Maybe you can relate. Putting some pressure on myself to close these open loops is a Good Thing, and public accountability has worked for me before.

I’ve also got several new projects I’m eager to work on, but I want to make sure I don’t just bury myself further in drafts and incomplete checklists.

There’s more. I use ConvertKit to send emails, and since I’m no longer on social media it seems like getting good at that tool is a wise investment. Setting up the infrastructure to send 14 daily emails to a small subsegment of my list is a learning exercise that’ll help me start down the path to email wizardry.

Not only that, but doing this experiment gives me a chance to explore working on “non-calendar time”—something I’m curious about in its own right. Does tying my work to the actual rhythms of nature (rather than an arbitrary formula) feel different? Do I get more—or less—done? One way to find out.

What it looks like

I’ll send out a daily email with an update on what I finished. It’ll be things like new book chapters, audio recordings of chapters from my first book, podcast episodes, maybe lessons in a new email course.

Join me! If you want. No pressure

Sign up here to get the 14 daily emails.

You can follow along quietly, or cheer me on if you’d like.

Or do your own moonsprint: Resolve to complete any number of projects (could be one, definitely doesn’t have to be 14 :) between now and the new moon. Tell me about it and we’ll keep each other accountable.

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