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Kind words

Some very thoughtful people have said some very kind things about me ☺️.

Shamelessly collecting them here.

Clients rely on us to look after their websites, and that makes Google’s introduction of GA4 an important issue for us. In turn, I needed a reliable partner to hold everything together on our side. Brian was the obvious person: he has the skill and demeanor to get the job done, whether that’s managing clients’ expectations, holding their hand as they migrate to GA4 themselves, or executing the whole project. I’m very happy to recommend Brian Hall’s services.

Chris Davidson - Managing Director, Active Presence

You are the best communicator I have ever met.

Surender Singh - Director, Brillmark

You were able to come in from day one and elevate the team’s CRO skills and expertise. Our team wouldn’t be where we are today without your guidance.

Dustin O’Leary - Group Director, Digital Performance, Spinutech

What I really enjoyed about working with you is you’re “the full package” - not just [test] development, [you bring] big picture vision.

Kendall Giglio - VP, Web Solutions, Tinuiti

Thanks again and this has been SUCH an amazing January with you and honestly, has been one of the greatest business investments for our company. Throw that on your testimonials.

Josh Silverbauer - Head of Analytics, I’m From The Future

Brian is one of a kind! His go-getter personality make him a joy to partner with, and his ability to develop CRO strategies that dramatically increased our website conversions make him indispensable. I highly recommend!

Brian’s technical CRO expertise, business savvy, and ability to translate data into growth-focused strategies make him a great asset to any marketing team serious about driving conversions!

Karis Miles - PMP

Being highly experienced in client-oriented project management and conversion optimization, Brian has a well-rounded skillset that’s hard to find with talented developers. He also has a passion for education, which comes through with helping his teammates grow and develop. Lastly, he’s a pleasure to work with–I highly recommend!

Jeff Blettner - CRO Consultant

loving your linkedin posts btw. this site still sucks, but your posts are good :)

Anonymous LinkedIn user :)

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