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Long before the tech hype cycle focused its attention on large language models generating endless streams of boring-yet-convincing gibberish, ordinary nerds were writing code to generate actually interesting stuff.

Here are a few of my favorite examples.


Tiff Zhang’s Startup Generator is the best thing ever.


I made a page that prompts you with an icebreaker for your boring zoom calls.

Niche service offerings

I built a niche generator to inspire service providers to focus their offering (and/or buy my $3 niche ebook).

Fake names

Look no further than fakenamegenerator.com.

New age bullshit

Visit this link and click ‘REIONIZE ELECTRONS’.

LinkedIn broetry posts

Check out Viral Post Generator. Total game changer. Thoughts?

Farm names

If you refresh the Farm name generator enough times, you’ll probably see the name of my seeds ‘n’ starters business, Goosefoot Nursery.

If you’ve seen other any cool generators on the internet, please let me know.

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