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GA4 implementation and training

You’ve got

… until your Google (Universal) Analytics property stops collecting data.

Are you ready?

LOL of course not. It’s okay though.

I can help you:

Just get it done

Set up a bare bones GA4 installation so you’ll have historical data when the deadline comes

Do it right

I’ll gather requirements from every analytics user on your team, and create a wishlist for the stuff you’re not able to track right now.

Need BigQuery for data retention? No worries.

Want to send data to a European-based server to avoid issues with US-based data storage? Understood.

I’ll build out a GA4 installation that’s way better than your current setup, and train everyone on how to use it.

Explore alternatives to Google Analytics

Maybe it’s time to consider another option? We should talk. (You’ll notice there’s no GA snippet on this site.)

The clock is ticking ⏰

Step one is to have a chat about:

Quick Zoom call. No sales pitch.

You’ll come away with a clear sense of your options and the project requirements, whether you decide to work with me or not.

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