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Here’s a list of courses you can take, ebooks you can read, and events you can attend, completely free of charge. Made/written/hosted by yours truly.


Landing Page Audit-in-a-box

A step-by-step video guide + checklist to help you optimize your landing page for conversions.

Free when you use this link.

First Impressions Workshop

A video guide to running a 5 Second Test on a web page (or web page design) of your choice.

You’ll get feedback on whether your design and headline are clear to new visitors.

Comes with $20 in free credits from UsabilityHub! Get it here.

Freelance Website Blueprint

Videos and resources to help you plan a website for your freelance business, and make sure your offer and copy is motivating to potential clients.

Access it here.

Sell and Deliver CRO

25+ videos, slides, diagrams, and templates focused on the business side of Conversion Rate Optimization consulting.

Free with this link.


Check out my guide to session recordings.


Social pomododros 🍅

Every Tuesday at 11am US-Central, I host a casual-yet-focused coworking session. More info here.

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