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Digital gardens as a service

You should have a digital garden. I’d like to help you make one.

What do you mean, “digital garden”?

By my own (made up) definition, a digital garden is a shareable public archive of how your mind works. A tiny website with short, concise, opinionated, uniquely-you pages that sum up your beliefs, priorities, and most important insights.

To see an example, take a look at mine. Just a few of the benefits I got from creating this:

Here’s how I’ll help you make one

We’ll meet for a total of two (2) one-hour Zoom calls.

The first conversation will meander, and I’ll take notes. A week or so later, I’ll share a link to (a rough draft of ) your garden. You can review it, send comments, or just marvel at your own wit and wisdom.

In the second conversation, we’ll flesh out some of the more important points, add anything we missed, and make connections between thoughts.

Then I’ll update the site, and hand it off to you—source code and all.

(If you need help getting it online, or making updates, I can help with that too.)

Why bother?

A digital garden complements any other types of writing or thinking you might do. It provides a place for distilling thoughts you might share on ephemeral social media platforms, and a foundation for longer form blog posts, reports, or even books.

It’s also an excellent way to share your way of thinking with potential collaborators, clients, or friends. It’s concise, highly browsable, and optimized to surface what’s unique about you.

In short, it’s a valuable resource for you and others, and it’s not that hard to create. You’ll wonder how you got by without one for so long.

Why get my help with this?

A fair question. Honestly, I just want to see more smart people produce writing in this medium. So you’re welcome to do it all by yourself—just please let me know when it’s live. I look forward to reading it.

But collaborating with me will save you tons of time, and will probably draw out topics and connections you wouldn’t have stumbled across on your own.

Also: I’ve done this for others, and the results were amazing. Check out the FunnelEnvy POV subsite for a (nerdy) example.

“What does it cost?”

You can pay what you want. At some point I may productize this and put a price tag on it, but for now I just want to optimize for “gardens published.”

Interested? Or just curious? Get in touch and I’ll answer your questions, or we can just set up an appointment for our first gardening session. Hope to hear from you soon.

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