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These are the issues that matter the most to me:

This list is completely personal, which might be a mistake. If mosquito nets save lives, is it selfish or immoral to focus your energy on workplace inequality? Shouldn’t you just put your head down, earn, and donate to charity?

Not only that, the list leaves out huge problem areas.

Here are the three priorities identified by the folks at Effective Altruism:

My list touches on Animal Welfare, but I care more about industry workers’ conditions and citizens’ health than the animals. Possibly this makes me a terrible person?

I care about some Long-Term Future-related issues, but kind of an arbitrary subset.

And there’s basically no overlap with my priorities and the Global Health and Development cause. Not much Global at all in my list. Possibly this also makes me a terrible person?

IDK. I’d love to hear your opinion, or find out what your list looks like. Let’s talk sometime.

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