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Website Audit

Get a bite-sized, actionable dose of Conversion Rate Optimization in video format.

How it works

What it looks like

You’ll get a video & bullet points with suggestions & rationale.

It’ll contain everything you need to decide whether to act or not, and I’ll be available to supply everything your developer needs to implement the changes if you approve.

Here’s a sample video:

You can see more here.

Current turnaround time is one week.

“Why should I bother?”

More revenue from the same traffic.

By removing friction, clarifying messaging, and improving usability on your site, you’ll get more leads (or purchases, or signups) from the visitors who are already coming to your site.

“Who are you to judge my site?”

I’ve been doing Conversion Rate Optimization since 2015. Worked at top notch agencies like CROmetrics, FunnelEnvy, and Speero. Helped dozens of brands, like Udemy, General Assembly, L’Oreal, and Eventbrite.

I’ve run hundreds of experiments, and written over a hundred blog posts on the topic. I think about this stuff all day.

I’ll condense everything I know about what visitors expect, what moves the needle, and what doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to implement, then package it up for you 🎁.

“What does it cost?”

I’ve sold these audits for $300 in the past, but nowadays they’re free / trade / donation optional. If you’d like one, just get in touch.

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