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A marketing agency for nurseries

I recently started a nursery. At this exact moment it’s nothing but a few bags of seeds, some mulch in my backyard, and an LLC filing. But we have medium-sized dreams, and to realize them we’ll need to reach people.

For that we’ll need help, so we’ve contracted to work with a marketing agency that only serves nurseries.

I recently started a marketing agency for nurseries.

Here’s what we do, based on how you sell:

Farmer’s market

We help create signage, labels, and materials to make your tent memorable and recommendable.


Let us know what you can grow, in what quantities, and where you can deliver. We’ll take care of reaching out to growers and retailers in your area, and put you in touch where there’s a match.

Online sales

We’ll build you a beautiful, user-friendly online store, and help craft a plan for how to get people to visit it.

On-site sales

We’ll optimize your local business listing with Google and other relevant platforms, and help coordinate online publicity for local sales and events.

So … if you happen to own a nursery, and ☝️ sounds like it could be helpful, please get in touch.

_The agency has asked what sales channel(s) I plan to focus on, and I have no idea what to choose. So I’m going to work with them to craft experiments in selling at farmer’s markets, and online. And I’ll have a couple conversations with garden centers and retailers to see what, if anything, they might want to buy from me.

More to come.

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