Learning Outcomes

This page collects together all of the “outcomes” associated with individual modules. Outcomes identify what students will know and be able to do if they master the material.

Course-level outcomes

Students mastering the material in this course will achieve the following:

Outcomes by Module

Students will diagnose and correct a Python error

Referencing modules: Fix

Assessed by: Fix TypeError - results

Current Project

Students will know clearly what project they should be working on and when it should be completed.

Referencing modules: Confer

GitHub Account

Students will have public GitHub accounts.

Referencing modules: Be Social

Clone and run

Students will clone a repository and run it.

Referencing modules: Clone

Try Vim Locally

Students will use basic Vim commands to modify local text files in a variety of ways.

Referencing modules: Tweak

Try Vim Online

Students will use basic Vim commands to complete an online tutorial.

Referencing modules: Tweak


Students will have a publicly-accessible blog.

Referencing modules: Be Social


Students will consider and document their expectations for the course.

Referencing modules: Commit


Students will fork an open source repository, clone it to their development machine, use command line tools to modify the content according to instructions, commit their changes, and push the new repository to their public GitHub account. Yes, kind of a big deal.

Referencing modules: Commit

Semester Plan

Students will have a vague plan of what they’ll accomplish this semester.

Referencing modules: Confer

Describe Development Environment

Students will analyze and report on their personal development environment.

Referencing modules: Be Social

Data Sharing

Students will share their opinions and experience with data sharing and reproducible science.

Referencing modules: Clone